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The hand modeling plaster wall sculpture brings three-dimensional life to the wall with its changing expression depending on where in the room the viewer is located. The curved surface magnetize lights and creates fluid shadows throughout the whole day.
The base of Artworks is made on high quality of linen canvas with wooden frame or wooden board.
The sculpture is modeling by hand.
The surface is varnishing with satin or matt finishing.
The Artworks have a Certificate of Authenticity.

Title: Clouds 01, 2022


Medium: Plaster materials, pigments, wooden board.
measurements:120x120x4.5cm / 47x47x1.6"
Colour: off-white
Varnishing: satin

A special wall bracket is attached to the back .

Authenticity: Signed by the artist on the back
Certificate of Authenticity 

This original work has been  SOLD.


Each Artwork is creating individually and is unique and one of a kind. (the texture of the plaster will therefore vary).
Delivery Time : 3-4 weeks in Poland.
For rest of countries  please contact to calculate cost and time.

Possible to make in size and color on your demand.
For artwork requests or commission, please send Price Request Form 

Clouds 02, 2022 - mixed media on linen canvas  120 x 1 20 x 4 cm / 47 x 47 x 1.6 "


Clouds 03, 2022 - mixed media on linen canvas  120 x 1 20 x 4 cm / 47 x 47 x 1.6 "

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