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Agata Hecman is a polish multidisciplinary  artist with an eye for aesthetics and timeless minimal art. From an early age she was already experimenting with the possibilities of combining different materials and handcrafted. Artistic inspiration comes from the works of Pierre Soulages and Alberto Burri.

Her items grow steadily from her love for the matter and its colours. Every piece reflects the wayward beauty of her poetic visual language. Irregular textures and marks are part of her unique work and should be embraced. The structure and depth of the artworks give an extra dimension to the space.

Her artworks are made with attention to materials, gesture and spiritual connection between she and her work. 

Each work  becomes a memory of her conversation with raw and organic materials she using to creation.

"Each piece as a way of expressing myself in a different medium."


All my materials are hand-made and selected individually for each of my objects. “It took me some time to find the right materials to work with because it was important to get right texture. The main media is own mixture of pigmented mineral plaster materials but also paints, various fabrics and hand made paper and .Each element is created individually and  applied with high precision and then modeled with skillful craftsmanship.
In this creation process, craftsmanship and tradition go hand in hand with the vision of creating objects that connect contemporary art with design. These elements are necessary in the process of creating these unique objects, full of expression and sensuality.On top of that, each piece is air-dried, using no energy in the process other than her own. As a result, the final combination of materials is breathable and captures the humidity in the air. “It’s like a living thing,”
Agata  says. “I really believe matter has a soul in it's own way.”

Selected Exhibitions, Art Fair & Prizes:

2020 Contemporary Art Fair Monaco
Galeria Van Gogh Art Gallery Madrid
2020 Art Fair "Targi Sztuki Dostępnej", Warsaw

2021 group exhibition Art & Design 2, Warszawa
2022 group exhibition Art & Design 3, Warszawa
2022 group exhibition Art & Design 5, Warszawa
2022 group exhibition Art & Design 6, Warszawa
2022 group exhibition " Kobieca Strona Sztuki III" Defabryka,Warszawa 
2023 group exhibition and art event ARtShow, Warszawa, Fabryka Norblina

2023 Nomineted to Artprize Art LAb'Rome , Group Exhibition Rome'23 

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